Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are OLLI Fort Lauderdale's hours of operation?

Mon. – Fri., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

2. Where do the programs take place?

The OLLI Fort Lauderdale programs are held via live ZOOM sessions until it is safe to return to in person sessions at our FAU Downtown Campus.

Please see Directions and Parking for more information about the location.

3. How do I participate in live Zoom sessions?

Sign-up & Download Zoom <- here, it’s free.

Zoom 101 Sign Up & Download Meeting Client <- video tutorial here

How to get to your Zoom lecture from OLLI FLL website

Register for your OLLI FLL Zoom session & click on the Zoom link that will be emailed to you on the date & time that the Zoom session is scheduled.

Check your email for Zoom session reminders and/or check your OLLI FLL account to see the courses & their associated Zoom links


4. What if I am having issues with Zoom?

Zoom Troubleshooting <- resources here

Zoom Technical Support <- access Zoom Support Center here

5. How does parking work?

6. How do I check if my membership is current?

Membership status can be checked online. Login with your patron ID number, (found on the front of your patron ID card). Membership is valid from the time the $60 membership dues are paid until June 30 of each year.

7. How can I check what programs I registered for?

Individual program registration schedules, (including the dates and times) can be checked online. After entering your patron ID number, (located on the front of your patron ID card), click on the “View Registered Lectures” tab. There you can review all the programs for which you have registered.

8. Why haven’t I received a program book in the mail or program info via email?

All program content will be distributed online via email, our website & our Facebook page until the Covid pandemic passes.

Add to your email contacts in order to avoid missed emails from us that may be going to your spam or junk mail box.

Only paid members and recent nonmembers receive the program book by mail

Update your mailing information in your patron account accessed online so that when mailing resumes, program info will be sent to your correct & most current mailing address.

Members or recent nonmembers with more than one residence should include their departure and arrival dates to Florida for correct mailings. This information can be updated in your patron account accessed online.

9. Where can I obtain a copy of the program book if I am not a member?

The program book for each new season is available online as soon as the schedules are finalized.

10. Can I pay for programs over the phone?

We cannot process payments over the phone. Programs may be selected and paid for using the following options:

  1. ONLINE: To receive a 10% discount register at
  2. CREDIT CARD: Online, or Member Application/Renewal form mailed, or faxed to 561.297.3481, or 561.297.1028.

11. How will I know if the payment transaction has been completed?

A transaction confirmation will be sent by mail within 10 days of processing your payment. As soon as the payment is processed, you will be registered for your selected program(s). You may also review your schedule online under the “View Registered Lectures” tab.

12. Do you use a ticketing system?

No, we do not use a ticketing system. You will receive a transaction confirmation by mail. The program(s) you register for will be activated on your patron ID card, which works as your ticket to access the program(s) you have registered for on the day of each event.

13. What should I do if I cannot find my patron ID card?

If you lost your patron ID card, you will need to purchase a replacement card for $10. A patron ID card is required for entry into a program.

14. Can I transfer out of my current program to a different one?

All requests for program transfers must be submitted in writing via email to, by completing a “Transfer Form.” All transfers require administrative approval.

15. Can someone else attend a program in my place?

Yes, to be admitted, your guest must present a written authorization from you and present your patron ID card at the door. The written authorization must include your name, title of the program, your signature and your guest’s name.

16. Can I cancel one of my registered programs?

All requests for program cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to by completing a “Drop Form.” No refunds will be issued on programs that were part of a bundled discount purchase, or once the program or lecture series has begun. All refund requests require administrative approval before processing.