Orchestrating Health and Disease via the Brain-Immune System Crosstalk

Ning Quan

Course Description

The immune system and the brain were once thought to function independently. Recent advances now show us that there are connections between the brain – which exerts control and coordination of the regulatory systems, and the immune system – which defends the body from infection and injury. These connections are created through crosstalk between the brain and the immune system (neuroimmune) and optimize the immune system in its fight against infection. Conversely, Interruption in neuroimmune communication can contribute to the development of numerous brain diseases. This new understanding seeds novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of inflammatory, neurodegenerative, and psychological disorders, and may be of importance in understanding the neurobehavioral consequences of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

About the Instructor

  • Dr. Ning Quan, Ph.D., Professor of Biomedical Science from the FAU Brain Institute in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine’s lab focuses on the ways the nervous system and immune system form a combined neuroimmune suprasystem. We are interested in understanding how these two systems communicate with each other to modulate each other’s function. We use multiple techniques in molecular biology, neuroscience, and immunology to accomplish this goal. This multi-disciplinary approach creates an ideal environment for training students on broad biomedical research subjects.

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