The Man Who Created James Bond: The Life, Work, and Loves of Ian Fleming

Oliver Buckton
Movies / History

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The character of James Bond, 007, is a globally recognized icon in popular culture. Bond is the most famous fictional spy in history, and through cinema has become one of the best-known characters. Yet the man who created James Bond–Ian Fleming–is less well known than his character. Ian Fleming's life is a fascinating and flamboyant one. His work in Naval Intelligence during World War II, provided much of the material and inspiration that would go into creating James Bond's adventures. Fleming's many love affairs with intelligent, beautiful, and sometimes tragic women would influence his creation of the "Bond women" in many of the novels and films. Fleming's love of travel led him to the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where all of the Bond novels were written each winter. This lecture, based on Buckton's new biography on Ian Fleming, will offer an in-depth adventure into the thrilling life, loves and work of one of the most intriguing novelists of the twentieth century.

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"The World Is Not Enough: A Biography of Ian Fleming," by Oliver Buckton

About the Instructor

  • Oliver Buckton, Ph.D., is a professor of English at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Buckton teaches courses on literature and film, nineteenth and twentieth century British literature and culture, spy fiction and film, and literary theory. He is the author of The World is Not Enough: A Biography of Ian Fleming (2021), The Many Facets of Diamonds Are Forever: James Bond on Page and Screen (2019) and "Espionage in British Fiction and Film Since 1900: The Changing Enemy," (2015). Buckton is a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Málaga, Spain, and he has won the University Scholar of the Year award twice at FAU.

    Lifelong Learning Society Professor in Arts and Humanities, 2015 -16

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