Piano Music by American Masters Bernstein, Gershwin and More!

Yoko Sata Kothari
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While the history of classical music originates in Europe, the United States has produced more than a few great composers. Not only has their music earned international recognition, but the new sound from America has had a strong influence on some European composers. Celebrating American music, this program features not only the music from “West Side Story” on Broadway to American Jazz, but also foreign compositions which were inspired by America. This is not a typical musical concert. Since she is a storyteller at the piano as well as an artist, Kothari’s mission is both to communicate with the audience with her signature talk and to have them experience the interesting stories behind the music through her performance. Her uniquely titled concert programs are designed to relate to everyone, as well as to educate them. At this concert, she is going to “Talk & Play” a program which includes music by Bernstein, Gershwin and Dvorak.

About the Instructor

  • Born in Tokyo, Yoko Sata Kothari began her performance career by winning the Northern Japan Classical Piano Competition at the age of eight. She then went on to collect top prizes in Japan, an award in the Machida Piano Competition and the Japan Young Pianist Award. Since moving to the United States, she has continued to earn awards for her performances, including second place in the Bartok-Kabalevsky-Prokofiev International Competition, the Kathleen McGowan Piano Scholarship Award and a prize for her outstanding Bartok performance in the Ibla Grand Prize International Competition in Italy. Most recently, she won first place in the Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition in New York and, as a result, was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in May 2017.

    Ms. Kothari has inspired and captivated audiences on three continents, with televised broadcasts in China and a series of performances in Italy. Her personal approach to her performances with their uniquely titled programs has become known, and Readable Noise, the online concert review, wrote, “It is without a doubt that Yoko Sata Kothari is one of these musical magicians, demonstrating a regality in her playing, as well as wanting to further education in her program... showing not just the mastery of the art, but a depth of storytelling.” Ms. Kothari has released four CD recordings which received a rave review; “One aspect of Kothari’s playing that is appealing is her power; she has a strong, masculine approach that is refreshing in a piano market where delicacy and holding back is considered king. However, when sensitivity is called for, Kothari can deliver it without descending into bathos.” (All Music Guide). Ms. Kothari holds a performing arts degree from the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo. Her teachers include Takako Maeda, Miwako Tsukada, as well as Dr. Roberta Rust and Phillip Evans at the Conservatory of Music at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida.

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