The Arthurian Legend

Taylor Hagood
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The legend of the great King Arthur has brought the world a fund of wonderfully romantic stories about ladies fair, honorable knights, beautiful castles, and an ideal of chivalry. This series of lectures will trace the development of the Arthurian legend, from its obscure origins through major works in both the English and French traditions, all the way to contemporary versions of the legend.


  1. Beginnings - The legend of Arthur seems to have begun in Roman times with accounts from Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth.
  2. Medieval Stories - Sir Thomas Malory and Chrétien de Troyes brought many Arthurian stories together into romantic tales.
  3. Victorian Arthur - Alfred Lord Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelites envisioned the Arthurian legend anew.
  4. Modern and Contemporary Arthur - From T.H. White and the musical Camelot to recent films, the Arthurian legend continues to be compelling.

About the Instructor

  • Taylor Hagood, PhD, is a professor of American literature at Florida Atlantic University. He has published several books, including Faulkner; Writer of Disability (winner of the 2014 C. Hugh Holman Award for Best Book in Southern Studies), has lectured in venues throughout North America and Europe and was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Munich (2009-2010).

     Lifelong Learning Professorship of Arts and Letters, 2014-2015

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