Mindful Living – Can It Revitalize Your Brain?

Jill Merrell
Personal Improvement / Health & Fitness

Course Description

Want to gain a deeper understanding of the brain/heart connection and add robust tools to the brain fitness toolbox? Mindfulness training, including meditation techniques, may be the golden ticket to a healthy aging brain. This 4-week program builds on the concept that we need to train our minds like we train our bodies. Through discussion, visuals, and active participation we will dive deep into practices that can be easily applied to our daily lives. 


  1. Fundamentals:  What is Mindful Living – Stress Less – Do More
  2. Wellbeing and Resilience
  3. Compassion for Yourself and Others: Emotional Intelligence
  4. Mindful Living Lifestyle: Sustainability

About the Instructor

  • Jill Merrell is a social entrepreneur and business owner who has been in the fitness and wellness field for more than 30 years. After surviving a traumatic brain injury in 2000, Jill found her way to a place of health and peace through meditation. This was so life changing that it led her to become a mindfulness teacher with advanced certification for Mindfulness @ Work.  Jill’s recovery fueled her desire to help others find inner peace in their personal and professional lives. Jill believes brain fitness is as important as physical fitness—just as we exercise our bodies, we can train our brains for better quality of life and optimal health. She is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals reduce stress, enhance productivity and improve workplace culture, through mindfulness training and techniques.

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